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Dan » I like you site po! inspiring!
Dan » I like you site po! inspiring!
Dan » I like you site po! inspiring!
sally » ->new blog q po..ibroadcast ko lng ta cute ang color..haha..ay kasing color nya palan ang bago mong it!!
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peachy » Dai ko daw aram Francis. Pero kaya ini, automatic na digdi sa Blogdrive.
frnz » peach, anong message box ang igwa word verification? tnx
claire » was here, blog-reading.. that post card sounds so sweet
peachy » by the way, francis, try checking out my other blog. i love that one better than this one. hehe.
frnz » peach, i found a list of the peaople who have made a name for themselves thru the internet. check it out. i'm sure you'll be entertained
peachy » well then, welcome back francis! i don't care if it's worthless. at least i know someone's visiting this blog even if i'm updating the .net one.
frnz » not only am i back to blogging, I am also back to leaving useless messages like this on my friends' message boxes!!!
peachy » Haha. Monster WPM eh?
jeriko » hello aren't you the typing racer with the monster wpm hehehe, just dropping by
peachy » Hi Watzzy! Iyo na an. Naiintriga man ngani ako sa mga tigasurat ko. Wahaha!
watzzy » peach, kakaintriga mga posts mo hehehehe Da Best!
Monique » bLog waLking here! Hope you do the same...Thanks!!!
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claire » hello, it's been a while since i last visited. i'm doing backreads of your post. i read that Sky fell off from his bike.. i hope he's ok now
mydz » thanks Peach for the comment...c u here in Manila...God Bless...mwah!
mydz » thanks Peach for the comment...c u here in manila...God bless...mwah!
ry » peach.. na-add taka na.. add mo man me.. tnx..
atomicgirl » Okie dokie Jirl. See ya next week. I think. Coffee party na daw.
jirl » nata ngbakal ki shotglass si julian?para saimo talaga ito? ahahha! ayos! baks, im passing you a tag ha? don't forget to do it, okay?
atomicgirl » jirl, may shot glass na daw si julian! haha.
jirl » peach,bakal ka na shot glass ta duruman kita one of these days. hahaha told talie about it na
jirl » and wow! at may sadiri ka ng domain???
yhen » thanks a lot peach! mmmmmwwaahh!
jirl » kape kina julian?
jirl » peach, i was in mnla d whole time they were here.ngksalisihan kami,sayng nga eh.pero pag-uli ni ry,join nako.
atomicgirl » Thanks for dropping by claire, joy, and lovejoy. I hope you had a good time browsing around.
Lovejoy » just visiting you here
Joy Burlinson » hi there, how are you, blog walking here
claire » hello.. just dropping by to say hi.. i miss ur page. i'm reading all your recent posts.. that George Sampson is impressive!
atomicgirl » musta ka na ms. mek? namiss mo na naman ako?
ms. mek » peachyboy! pst......
atomicgirl » Ryan, kakuripot mo man. Gibuha na ngaya beh na 50k. Hehe.
ryan » pag ang ticket sa concert ni david less php 50, i-treat taka peach.. kaya pamasahe na lng problema mo... bday gift ko saimu, maski late na... hahaha
atomicgirl » the videoke misses you too dex!
dex » i miss videoke nights with the gang.
atomicgirl » maraming salamat mrs. lyn!
lyn » happy birthday peach!
atomicgirl » lyn, basaha man daw giraray su post ko. sisay su tigmention ko duman? haha. miss you man mrs. lyn!
lyn » you want him? ahemmm.. csay daw na HIM? hehe! tama kaya su naiisip ko? hahaha! miss you peach!
jirl » heeyy!!! nasa la mia kamo???
jirl » gurl, tagged you!
bernard » hi peach i also miss chatting /w u.. pag meron ka anmang nkita n free lance writting job timbrehan mo naman ako ...tnx
Did You Know? » bloghopping
goma » How's it been? Got any luck?
goma » How's it been? Got any luck?
jirl » peach, tigmail ko na ining blog mo sa client ko... offline msg mo ko pag tigemail ka and naqualify ini... miss you guys!
karen » Yehey! Fav ko rin Supernaturals
treu » magandang araw,atomicgirl. keep doing what you do. someone said, a wasted time enjoyed is not wasted.
ysh » elow..dropping by..
yigae » thank god u updated ur links list.)
atomicgirl » hello, I wanted to say you hello, I'm a french woman, I'm a mother too, and my pseudo is also atomicgirl in all the sites that I look for in France ! Good bye !
atomicgirl » hello, I wanted to say you hello, I'm a french woman, I'm a mother too, and my pseudo is also atomicgirl in all the sites that I look for in France ! Good bye !
yigae » bed check!
gelcosty » droppin by ma'm!
little light » no, hindi tayo nagkakilala at work. i was just saying parang i know here you work.
little light » btw, i think i have an idea where you work. if my guess is correct, i used to work in the same company, but i worked for the manila branch.
little light » found you through pinoyblogopedia. i just had to open your profile because your nick sounds very familiar. i guess i stumbled upon your blog before during the peak of my blogdrive days long ago.
Talie » Peachy by golly _ _ _ !
kingdaddyrich » hellow there. just visiting!
cesss » happy mothers day!
watzzy » happi momz day
yhen » Happy mommah's day peach...
darwin's priest » “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!
Faith » happy mother's day satin plan.. hehe..
Faith » Nice blog, I like your blog peach. Good luck satin..
Karen » ey peach! Cute ng bagong banner mo...
salam party » hi, please link and
Mina » madaya! dae naka-add ang link ko. wahhh!
frnz » atomicgirl... gari man sana atomic bomb...
frnz » peachy :heart: maui
cess » try mo ano nangyari sa camera mo?
atomicgirl » hanep ka jerjer aka love. Wahaha.
love » senti ang peachy.. hmmm
atomicgirl » iyo po lugod bebeh. i-add ko na ika. now na.
mydz » makiagi tabi...hehe...baka gsto mo man ako iadd sa blogroll mo...hihi...ika, aloy na nakaadd sako...kaya add mo nako, now na...haha...arog kay jirl, demanding...hihi
watzzy » naki sirip mn sana. nice blog
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atomicgirl » Maray na an Jirl kaysa man kadakol na mga automated comments. Yuck! Hehe.
jirl » maartehon an blogdrive! hihihihih!
jirl » hanep ta my paarog-arog pa kani: Anti-Spam Code: To verify that you are a real person please retype the code below. You can avoid this step in the future by signing up for a blogdriv
jirl » num?baad gusto mo ko i-add sa blogroll mo? gusto ko man pano i-add ining blog mo sa links ko.. as in now na, im doing it now! check my site to see atomicgirl listed too...
atomicgirl » Thanks for dropping by Alexis.
atomicgirl » @Mommy Yho, you're leaving us? Oh noes.
Alexis » just passing by and looking around.....
Mommy Yho » yellow....uhmmm , maray ini gurl, tama pati...sana padarahan mo pa ako maski wara na ako digdi...hehehe
atomicgirl » Thanks KR. Aram mo naman sana ako. Hehe.
KR » eow.. hehehe nakibasa lang su tungkol ki johnny depp chorva.. heheh nice one! hahahaha
atomicgirl » Mareng Rei. Kumusta ka na din? Ok na ok si Sky. Punta ka dito. Hehe.