Entry: The World Needs More Music (And Musicians, Too!) Sunday, June 04, 2017

It is said that the only language that the whole world understands is music. Indeed, it is true. How many times have you swayed to the beat of a song that had lyrics that you did not even understand? How many times have you actually appreciated a piece of music that even had no lyrics at all?

This simply means that we all do understand music and it is a language that we all can appreciate. It does not matter if it has lyrics or not. What is important is we appreciate the melody that is being played to us. Music has a really good way of keeping people together and of sending messages.

I have played music. I still play music but only when I have the spare time. Truth is, I have been so busy trying to make ends meet that music has become something that I go back to only if I need it. I really am not happy about that but I know that living in the Philippines, a third world country, I simply cannot focus on music and make money from that.

A friend once told me that he wishes he was born or was living in a first world country like the United States. He said that if he lived there, he knows that he can focus on the arts and his music and still be able to make ends meet.

Honestly, I wish that all people can make music and can share their music to everyone. I wish that artists and musicians can actually do what they really love to do and do what they are good at without having to think about how they are going to get their next meal.

That is why I am quite happy that I learned that there are places that offer private piano lessons Peoria AZ that are quite good. This means that those who are really interested in making music can learn how they can do so by having private lessons. Truth is, some people are just not confident enough about their passion and their talents and skills. If they do try to get lessons from school or from places that have a classroom setting, they would not give it their all because they feel like they are being scrutinized by everyone.

However, with private piano lessons like this, it would definitely be good. It would allow them to be more relaxed and more confident to learn what they need to learn and then hone their craft even better. The more they are able to learn, the world would definitely be happier with more and more people knowing how to play and how to share music.

Of course, The Noteroom in Peoria, AZ also is not just about providing private piano lessons. The place also is offering lessons and music instruction to kids and children who are interested in learning. So if you are in the area and you would like your kid to know how to play the drums or the guitar, The Noteroom is definitely the place to go to. Or maybe if your child wants to be a singer, you can go there too for lessons. Definitely a place for those with music in their veins.

With too many schools having to deal with budget cuts, the arts and the music programs are the first to go. That is why, I am very thankful and happy to learn that places like The Noteroom are able to provide an alternative for those who would like to learn.

After all, as I said earlier, the world needs more music and more musicians.


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