Entry: Dogs Are Love Tuesday, February 28, 2017

As a kid, I hated dogs. They were unruly. They would be noisy and bark at you. Plus, I had the responsibility of feeding them and taking them out for a walk or to poop as a kid. So I totally hated them.

I guess that hate was all because it was all my responsibility to do most of the tough work during weekends. I just wanted to be inside the house and play but I had to go out and do the work.

Now that I’m all grown up, my thoughts about dogs have changed. I now love dogs. And maybe, there is that part in me that makes me love dogs because I do not have the responsibility to look over them. I go home and I play with them if I want to. I talk to them if I want to. But I do not have the responsibility to take care of them, make sure they are fed, clean up after them, and all the other stuff that you do to dogs.

Right now, we have five dogs in the house. One belongs to my son. The other four belong to my sisters. The new rule in the house is whoever owns the dog must be the one responsible for them. And so that means I am off the hook. I can play with them if I like but I do not have to be the one responsible for them. Yay!

We have a Golden Retriever. This one is pretty big and furry unlike the four other small ones we have at home. The thing I discovered about our retriever is that she does not bark that much as compared to the small ones that we have around. She would just sit and stare at strangers and would only bark if they come too close to our home. Now, that part, she does not like and so she would stand up and start barking like crazy.

This Golden Retriever is named Fiona. She is definitely big and very playful. She hates it when I start playing with the other dogs. All she wants is that she gets all the attention. Selfish, eh?

If there were no supplies here for this big dog, I’d probably go ahead and look for stuff online. I do not buy them much stuff but when I do find something that I think would interest them, I go ahead and do the purchase. I even once tried dog supplies Arizona has to offer just to get them that cute little toy that squeaks.

But the thing is, the smaller dogs loved the squeaky toy. The Golden Retriever chose to ignore it. Instead, her attention was focused on the lovely Indian mangoes hanging from our two trees outside our gate. She hates it when someone picks those mangoes. She claims all mangoes as hers. That is her toy and also her food.

Still, I have no plans on getting a dog of my own. I still can play with them. Plus, I do not think I am ready for all the responsibility. LOL. But yes, I love dogs and I love playing with them. That’s that.


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