Entry: Decisions On Money Saturday, March 08, 2008

I have this friend, N, who's gay and who's been having this relationship with, yes, another gay. I'm not against that but what I was not particularly fine with was when I learnt that my friend and his partner had been spending plain too much that they have loans from different banks.

I am glad though when they took out a loan to pay off all other loans. At least, they had learned not to spend too much and to just focus on paying that one big huge loan. They, at least, would not have to think of all the papers from the various banks. It was just one loan and though the amount may be huge, it helps to think that it was from one bank only.

I'm pretty sure that if my friend heard about credit card for bad credit, he may have considered this option as well. I heard they're doing pretty okay now financially.


Jogos Online
March 12, 2008   05:30 AM PDT
Haha, its a funny but informative post. I'm laughing to hear about your gay friend.

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