Entry: Impulse Buyer Goes Online Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hi everyone. I am Peachy. And I am an impulse buyer.  

Yes, I am not afraid to tell people that I am an impulse buyer. I know it's not something good but sometimes I just cannot help it. Especially when I know that there's still some money in my wallet. But see, the benefits of being an impulse buyer includes me getting good deals.  

When I discovered online shopping, the impulse buyer in me has gone haywire. I just click and then I buy. I go to a site and check out the prices. See, I find it easy to find the best deals because I can compare prices from various online shopping sites. That is just one thing I love about online shopping - the convenience that it gives me for I do not have to go to the mall to get that thing I want.  

So when I go shopping for Johnny Depp items, I do not feel as if I have been robbed because I can choose and I can always go for the best deal. My Johnny Depp movie collection is increasing, by the way, and that collection is nearing completion. Yey!


March 8, 2008   12:26 PM PST
online shopping is so addicting. I haven't tried shopping online using my credit card though. =)

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