Friday, February 22, 2008
Eccitato dell'Italia! (Excited About Italy)

I love to travel. If there no hindrances like money, time, and obligations, I would have hopped on quite a number of planes and had been to various countries already. But so far, the only places I've gone to were here in the Philippines. I have not even gone to Mindanao even.  

When thinking of going on a trip to a new place, what I think of is not the shopping that I can do once I'm there or just how many blouses I can purchase for me. If shopping would be the thing that I would be prioritizing then there are tons of malls here where I can purchase the things I need. What I want is that I get to learn something new and experience something new -- maybe be exposed to a new culture, new breathtaking sights, and maybe even get to know a new language.  

Italy has been included in my list of places I would like to visit. After all, maybe the lure of Italy has been developed in me when I had been watching tons of cooking shows and there were these two shows with these two Italian chefs and they were pretty funny, talked a lot about Italy, and the food that they cooked looked scrumptious.  

Anyhow, when I'm interested I really do research and I've found out that aside from the tons of wonderful sights and a display of culture that Italy has, the country also has adapted to the number of tourists coming to their country. Hotels have sprouted and you would have quite a choice of hotels to choose from. The Florence Hotel, Venice Hotel, Napoli Hotel, and the Verona Hotel are just a few of the hotels which caught my attention while going through the country's list of hotels. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am planning on visiting these places and they come with really good reviews.  

That's how interested I am about Italy. I've even gone and planned where to go and what to do and where to stay. Now the only thing I have to think about would be where to get the cash.  

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Murky Waters

It's been three days already. I do hope this does not continue. I hate the fact that it's been raining day and night with only a few hours of rest. And that has caused too much water that it's resulted to floods. And I mean FLOODS.

Tuesday, I went to the office wearing a pair of capris and rubber slippers. I had a pair of pants and a pair of "formal" step-ins with me which I changed into after arriving in the office. See, outside our home, the streets were already flooded. And it was knee-deep already. Good thing the streets were not flooded anymore when I went home.

Wednesday, the same thing happened. I went to work in capris and just changed in the office. After our seminar/training, I changed back into capris because the street outside our office still was somewhat submerged in water. But luckily, the street outside our home was not.

Thursday, I was thinking that maybe I'd go to the office in pants already since the street outside no longer was flooded. It was raining but there were no floods. But I decided that maybe I should change into capris still (yes, I have a couple of these around) since I wanted to work in dry pants.

It was a good decision for when I ventured outside, water was again rising and it was already ankle-deep. The same thing at the office. And this afternoon, Yona and I went home an hour early because we were told that the subdivision where we both lived was flooded and the water was waist-high. Fine. And that's what we did.

Walking through murky waters was one thing but doing it alone was another. As Yona said, "We both don't have knight in shining armors." So okay. But I do think that we're both balakes (read: babaeng lalake [a girl who's also a boy]) and these murky waters are just a test of how masculine we can be. Hehe.

I do hope the rain stops soon. Really.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
'Til Debt Do Us Part

There are people who would only remember you when they need some cash. And once they have the cash, they start to forget that the cash came from you and that they need to pay you back. And that's when the thing I call "'Til debt do us part" comes in.  

Sure enough, I've had my fair share of people who have done such to me. I'm not saying that I'm rich or what because I certainly am not. I have just been careful with my money because I do know the feeling of not having finances to do what I'd like to do. And being the free spirit that I am, I sure would not want to be caught dead without money to spend. Sure, I may not have much but a little amount goes a long way.  

I'll let you in on a secret. I make sure that I check if I have enough money. If I don't, then I don't spend more than my pocket allows. I also make sure that I don't spend all of it at one go. It does take a little more effort to do that but it can be done. And yes, as much as possible, I try not to borrow money. I find it hard to pay my debts that's why I'd rather scrimp and save than borrow money. And maybe I really do need to work on debt management and all that. Maybe learn some new techniques or maybe I'm fine with what I'm doing.  

I don't know. What do you think?

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Been In Training

Since the start of my work week, I have been attending a training for copywriters, content team leaders, and copyeditors. I know you'll say that I should not be part of that training for I am not a member of the content department. Well, tell you what. Starting this March, I would be joining the content department. That means, I'll be back to the department to which I was hired to be part of more than two years ago.

I would be joined by my current SEO copywriter team with one of them receiving a promotion to team leader as well. And I'm so proud of that. I do hope that all my team members become team leads sometime in the future. That may have to come not soon enough but I'm hoping it would.

So okay. I'm writing this while I wait for instructions if the training continues. Or not. Whatever. Hehe.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Starting Young

When I was a kid, my mother, who worked in a bank, wanted me to learn about saving. So what she did was she gave me a small amount of money as "allowance". She told me that for each peso she gave me, I could decide whether I would opt to spend all of it on something or if I would save the whole amount or a certain portion of it. She also stressed that if I spent the money she gave me, I would not be able to buy something far better compared to if I saved the money she gave me each day.  

I believe that it has been effective and that I have learned that we all would have to start young - teach the kids the importance of saving and of handling finances so they could have a head start of what the real world is all about. Mortgages may seem to be a real big deal but if you start teaching your kids about it while they are young, they would be able to grasp the idea tightly and be able to know just what to do in case they need to have a mortgage.  

This has also been one of the things discussed in an article I read. Parents should be able to assist children when it comes to money matters like a mortgage for example. Now parents could help by making contributions in the payment but it is best if the mortgage has been registered under the child's name. That way, the child would be able to understand that they are responsible for the mortgage and that would make them feel independent and in charge.  

It really is best to start them young.

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