Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite...

Two weeks ago, a friend's kid had been sporting several bites on his arms and legs. They weren't rashes, a doctor told them. Of course, they thought that it may have been mosquitoes. But mosquito repellants and a mosquito net also did not work. Hmmm... Must be bedbugs - the culprit.  

Upon hearing that, I was alarmed. Well, not exactly for my friend's kid but for my son. He has not had any bite marks as of present but I wanted to be sure. I asked our helper to clean the mattress and place it under the scorching sun. Now that is a form of bedbugs control which I have learnt from my grandmother. Oh well. Trying that out never does hurt.  

Luckily, my son's skin still does not have those bite marks. Glad to know our mattress is bed-bug free still.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
I Must Be Dead Tired

This has gotta be one of the rare days. See, I went home early. After work, I just dropped by Chowking and just went to a pirated DVD shop to ask if they had new CSI DVDs available. Then I went home.

After arriving here, I ate an early dinner and then my son and I watched Tom & Jerry cartoons. My son was guffawing while I was already starting to drift to oblivion. If not for our helper who asked me if I was gonna get some dinner, I might not have woke up and realized that it was still not my bedtime and that I needed to do some other things.

Oh well. After I update my blog a little bit, I then update some other blogs and then I finish playing Build-A-Lot. I need to play. Or else I go crazy. Haha.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008
Thank You For Calling. How Can I Help You?

April 2004. That was when I officially graduated from college.

August 2004. That was when I started working.

Yes, I know there is quite a span between the two dates but let us just say that I did take my time "resting" and having fun after graduation.

My first job was as a call center agent in one of the popular call center companies in the Makati/Ayala area. Since we answered inbound calls, our spiel was "Thank you for calling. My name is ______. How can I help you?"

Our customers, on the other hand, would say, "I'd like to cancel my membership."

So okay. People called us up to cancel their service but our job was to actually let them feel that we would help them but we were actually trying to let them change their mind and not cancel their memberships.


And we were selling credit reports which could show and reflect if you had bad credit loans or if someone was stealing your identity and that sort of thing. Our customers would not want to keep the service for they said that the government has mandated that all citizens get free credit reports each year. On our end, we say that they should keep their memberships so they could get one credit report any time they would need one just so they could check if somebody's running loans and credits under their names.

Oh well. I realized that there are still US citizens who do not understand the whole deal about credit reports and bad credit and just what they could do about such. I'm quite happy though there ain't such here. Well, I think this may be because there are only a few who would be worth the identity theft effort and they usually already are the ones who are powerful. Try stealing their identity now.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Despite the intermittent fall of rain and the really cold gusts of wind, those who are looking for a good time just still would look for a good time. Like what has happened last night.

I met up with Ryan and his friend at ChiliPeps and we talked about some stuff. Charlie was nowhere to be found and Bernalie were watching the Christian Bautista concert which was held at the Albay Astrodome. While we were there, it was good that the rain had stopped pouring. Then Yona arrived. She was with her husband.

After a couple of minutes, the couple decided that we join them at their table. And so we did. I was not much of a beer drinker and I would only drink one bottle right until the very end of the session. But due to insistent public demand, I had yet another one (which I didn't even finish). Well, thanks to the Espinosa couple for sharing their blessings (read: libreng alak) with us.

And now I go back to Johnny Depp's movies. Maybe I'm just lucky today. While browsing through stacks of pirated DVDs, I chanced upon one copy that read "Johnny Depp Classic Works". I sure did not take my hands off that copy not even for a second.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008
Talking Insurance

When I was a month old with my first job as a call center agent, my mother who is an underwriter thought that I would best try to save by signing up for insurance. I did such a thing not because I thought it was wise but because I also wanted to help my mother reach her needed quota.

A couple of years older, I have thought about insurance policies and all that and I have decided that maybe getting insured is really a good deal. The thing is, make sure that you do get a good insurance company which would not go bankrupt by the time you need your money.

I found http://www.endowmentexpress.co.uk and I thought that this company should be able to help out a lot of people who might take on their offer. Just think about the whole deal this way: You shell out money little by little for a couple of years but you would have the peace of mind knowing that when the time comes, your beneficiaries (whoever you may have chosen) would be benefitting from it. See, death is inevitable and leaving your loved ones and your dependents without something to start with is just something that I could not imagine.

Anyhow, you may want to try visiting http://www.endowmentexpress.co.uk so as to see just what they really have to offer and just maybe check out what endowment is all about. Mind you, the first time I encountered this word, I thought it was something scientific or something. A little knowledge sure would help.

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