Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Bed Time Blues

I am the type of person who could sleep anywhere. I remember back in college, my orgmates would find me sleeping in this really filthy comforter in our hangout place. I did not care. I was sleepy. There was a flat place and there was a comforter. So I slept. Well, I was not the only one to get a few winks there, mind you.

Right now, I do need a good place to sleep. I found this zebra chair and I think it was cool. But little did I know while I was looking around for good beds that there were different types of beds. I thought it was all about the design and the foam. But there was more to it.

Like those king beds which are huge and the queen beds which are far more huger (in my opinion) than the former. And there are special beds. Like those which have cars painted on it (usually for kids and which have curtains and all (for those who feel like princessess).

And get this one I just found: a sleigh bed which could probably even allow you to sleep with Santa. Sleigh and Santa. Get it? Okay. I'm getting corny here. I think I just need more sleep.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Playing Games. Literally.

I distinctly remember my father telling us that no cards were allowed in the house. That was when I was a kid. He would just take our cards and throw them outside the window so much so that they pretty much were a sight with each one flying in a unique direction. I never did get to play much with cards.

That could be one reason why I got hooked on cards when I grew older. I can say that even now, I still do try to look for an online casino where I could my card games. I do try to understand some of these casino games but I guess card casino games are the easiest so far. And with good reviews to tell you where would the best site to play what, this is a card casino gamer's heaven.

That is why I do know that up to right now, I'm still playing games. Literally.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comfort food.

I learned about comfort food back when I was in 2nd year college. A professor who was known to be really strict handled one of our major subjects and she was giving us a hard time with our study's review of related literature (RRL). We would all sit really still while she would discuss our lesson and I remember only one moment when I really had the guts to raise my hand to give an answer during discussions.

During one of the days that she was in her good moods, she told us that one of the problems that we had was stress. We were too stiff and stressed that she offered one piece of advice: find your comfort food.

She defined comfort food as whatever food you have to intake so as to lower your stress levels. For example, as we were doing this paper and feeling really stressed out because our checked RRLs had red ink written all over, we all should have our comfort food with us while we wrote the RRL. That way, we had something that we enjoyed while we did something that was not quite enjoyable. It's like having something sinful during a period of sacrifice.

Right now, I discovered two which I could consider as my comfort food after a day's stressful work. One is this taco salad we buy at Chick'in and another's Meiji's Almonds.

Come to think of it, I may want to purchase a salad this evening. Tons more of work are waiting for me at home. So I go back to work.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008
These Are The Johnny Days

I was afraid to ask. I didn't know how to use it. But I worked up the nerve and asked the question: "How do you use Torrent?"

Good thing, an online friend was eager and so I was easily exposed to what Torrent offers. He even told me that I was not stupid. I just was not familiar with Torrent yet that was why I felt clueless, which I actually was - clueless. Well, honestly, I still am so unsure just how could I describe Torrent to someone who does not understand what it is. I just know what to do with it but I've never really come to that part where I can easily explain everything from the crust to the fillings of the whole Torrent bit.

And because I now have taken the first step so as to know Torrent better, I am reaping in the benefits. Like right now, I am downloading Johnny Depp movies which I am having a hard time taking hold of. I am slowly able to complete my Johnny Depp movie list and I am getting happier with each movie that I am able to download. When I've completed everything, I'll be burning them to a CD maybe.

I've finished Benny & Joon. Blow is up next.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008
A Nice Bedroom Can Be Your Good Home

I don't like how my room looks like. Maybe it's because of its size. Or maybe becaus eof its location. Either way, I don't like it.

When I go through sites with teen bedroom furniture on display, I think, what if I had a room like this when I was young? What could have happened to me? Maybe I had been a far different person from who I am. Or maybe not.

Right now, one of my nasty online habits is browsing the net for various pieces of furniture which I dream would be part of my future home. I would have a really good bed in my room which is not too soft and not too hard. Then I would take one sofa like this and put it in my bedroom as well.

But right now, all I can do is browse the net and surf my fave furniture site. Maybe dreams do come true. But I'll have to wait and be patient before I see it happen. When my dreams do turn into reality, I'll blog about it to tell you all.

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