Sunday, February 10, 2008
These Are The Johnny Days

I was afraid to ask. I didn't know how to use it. But I worked up the nerve and asked the question: "How do you use Torrent?"

Good thing, an online friend was eager and so I was easily exposed to what Torrent offers. He even told me that I was not stupid. I just was not familiar with Torrent yet that was why I felt clueless, which I actually was - clueless. Well, honestly, I still am so unsure just how could I describe Torrent to someone who does not understand what it is. I just know what to do with it but I've never really come to that part where I can easily explain everything from the crust to the fillings of the whole Torrent bit.

And because I now have taken the first step so as to know Torrent better, I am reaping in the benefits. Like right now, I am downloading Johnny Depp movies which I am having a hard time taking hold of. I am slowly able to complete my Johnny Depp movie list and I am getting happier with each movie that I am able to download. When I've completed everything, I'll be burning them to a CD maybe.

I've finished Benny & Joon. Blow is up next.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008
A Nice Bedroom Can Be Your Good Home

I don't like how my room looks like. Maybe it's because of its size. Or maybe becaus eof its location. Either way, I don't like it.

When I go through sites with teen bedroom furniture on display, I think, what if I had a room like this when I was young? What could have happened to me? Maybe I had been a far different person from who I am. Or maybe not.

Right now, one of my nasty online habits is browsing the net for various pieces of furniture which I dream would be part of my future home. I would have a really good bed in my room which is not too soft and not too hard. Then I would take one sofa like this and put it in my bedroom as well.

But right now, all I can do is browse the net and surf my fave furniture site. Maybe dreams do come true. But I'll have to wait and be patient before I see it happen. When my dreams do turn into reality, I'll blog about it to tell you all.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008
Online Business For Me?

I need cash. Well, who doesn't? I'm not a hypocrite to say that I can live without much money. I can say I'm materialistic for I want to buy tons of stuff for myself. But I consider myself to be practical for I would not indulge in buying tons of stuff that I do not need (like an MP3 player, a laptop, a PSP...) just so I could be "cool". No thank you.

So to be able to fulfill my whims, I'm thinking of setting up an online business. I've started selling some items in this popular online shop but I found the whole process to be too tiring so I stopped. Now, I still have tons of stuff to be sold and yet nowhere to sell them.

Maybe if I could have some help from a shopping cart software a friend told me about, I would be able to get things started. I just need to be familiar with creating a web site where there would be shopping carts for those doing their shopping. There are tons of ecommerce software available in the market right now which could help me. I'm pretty sure they come with easy to follow instructions as well.

Leave me to my thoughts first so I could mull over the idea of this online business stuff. I just may go ahead with it. Let me discuss this with myself first.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

During my days off from work (Sunday and Monday), I just stay at home and work in front of my computer. So okay, I know I'm working in front of the computer every day of the week. But the thing is, when I'm working at home, I could not quite concentrate for there is just too much sunshine in my room, unlike in the office.

My blinds have already said goodbye and so I'm looking for new blinds to cover my windows. I do need light from the sun but I don't need too much of it. And I'm thinking of getting some wood blinds to at least change the aura of my room. I find it to be too blue (and I don't even like the color blue). Wood blinds could change the aura and would also help me work more comfortably.

I do hope I get ahold of some extra cash soon. Or else I just have to make do with those drab curtains I have right now.

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Friday, February 08, 2008
Hear The "Ka-Ching"

It was almost one in the morning when a friend buzzed me through YM. He was asking me for any good online casino sites and the thing was, I was not quite really sure which site I could recommend to him. This was because there are tons of such sites online and it would depend upon a person's tastes as per which site would be fine.

What I did instead was I looked for a list of the best of the lot and shared the list with him. Now that made my friend happy for he found that list to be really helpful. Imagine looking at screenshots of the various online casino sites and having information on how each site is rated. You at least get a glimpse of which one would work best for you.

Thanks to search engines, I found the site. I wonder who else would buzz me up in the middle of the night to ask for good online recommendations.

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