Sunday, March 09, 2008
Fun Night, Last Night

Last night, a couple colleagues and I went out to have some Matador. We were having a hard time looking for a place where we could drink and Francis volunteered that he knew a place in Daraga. And off we went, and we were only three. We had a quick dinner and started drinking.

We were somewhere within the neck of the bottle of Matador when more colleagues and friends joined us. I even had my cousin join us because my mother said that I should go home early (or go home the following morning instead) because my dad was one of this 'tantrums' (and when he has tantrums, no one should cross him or else they want to suffer - a lot). I told my cousin I was sleeping at their house so he had to come with me.

Good thing we agreed or I may go homeless that night. Hehe. After finishing that whole bottle (I think we all were out of practice), we went to the Chef's House but there was some kind of event and we just didn't feel like it. So we went to Penarakan instead.

My head was really throbbing that night. Maybe because I have not been drinking like I usually did. Oh well. I popped an Advil and still didn't feel the pain go away. Gah. Just when I wasn't thinking about any curfew.

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