Monday, March 03, 2008
That Lost Feeling

I thought I lost it. But I actually didn't. It had just lay dormant and now it has stirred and opened its eyes once again.

Since SonicWall had been up and running in the office, I was unable to visit most of the sites that I usually haunt and that includes Bikoy's blog. I find his blog totally interesting because I kind of see myself in him through his posts. We're both from CMC. I also love photography. If digital cameras were already as common as they are now, my blog would maybe be filled with images of UP life.

I find myself remembering those times when I was back in college each time I read his blog. And this happened just right now while I was reading his blog. There's stuff about rallies on budget cuts and tuition hikes and the call for the current president to step down from office. And then there's also stuff on Bikoy running as councilor for the University Student Council.

If I hadn't read that post on the elections, I may not have remembered the past week has probably been that tiresome for those candidates wanting to win a spot in the USC. I remembered those times when we would help our political alliance win. I remember being with orgmates and friends from STAND-UP losing sleep over making pins, preparing campaign materials, and guarding waiting sheds. But during those times, I had fun doing those stuff even if they were tiring.

I remember during one of the preliminaries when the alliance was still choosing the standard bearer, questions were thrown at the possible candidates. Our alliance was known as people who usually joined rallies, mobilizations, and protests on the streets. As part of preparing the candidates, one of the questions asked was, Why do you still have mobilizations on the increase of the price of fuel, tuition increase, and privatization (among many other issues)? The best answer I heard was: "Why should we stop? For you it may not be a big deal anymore because it is not new. Those issues have been around for years and we would still be continuing our campaigns because our cries have not yet been heard and because the issue is still there. If the issue were already solved, then maybe that would be the time that we would stop our chants and us going out in the streets."

That was pretty enlightening. Of course, we all have become deaf and blind because we would rather sit behind the comfort of our own homes and never think about what's happening to other people beyond those walls. And then we start to complain at how the way things are going. Or there are those who become apathetic because they currently have the right amount of finances to live well but they never did think about the future of their children if nothing is done now.

And when you come to think of it, at the end of the day, the issue is still there. And it's going to still be there until we do something to let those in position know that we do not like the situation and we want changes. Sometimes, we all just become too selfish that we don't care about the future. We just think that as long as we're living well right now, that'd be enough.

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